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Have fun learning and practicing to trade cryptocurrencies. Easy to understand, with actual crypto prices!

Find out more yourself... Can crypto trading be predicted? Analytical skill or pure luck?

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What is this all about?

This is a FREE platform where you can have fun learning and practicing to trade cryptocurrencies.
At the same time, you can join competitions, all for absolutely FREE. Occasionally, there may be prizes for winners too.
Competitions with different starting capitals, leverages, volume restrictions and margin requirements.
More than 1,480+ cryptocurrencies to trade. Live crypto quotes based on real-world prices. Instant trade execution.
Real-time position valuation (equity, profit / loss, free margin).
Trading statistics, competition leaderboard and global rankings.
We are still in BETA mode now, things may change fast, just like the crypto world!

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2 hours ago
Sell 2,372,790 USDC (USD Coin) @ 1.0010 USD
4 hours ago
Sell 3,973,530 USDC (USD Coin) @ 1.0027 USD
4 hours ago
Buy 1,056,450 ELF (aelf) @ 0.1377 USD
4 hours ago
Buy 2,557,590 ZRX (0x) @ 0.5320 USD
4 hours ago
Sell 1,175,620 BTG (Bitcoin Gold) @ 11.26 USD
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